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TRA Acoustics is a noise control technology company in Canada, the Middle East and Caucasus representing internationally renowned manufacturers of high-tech noise control technology products.

TRA Acoustics

With our head offices based in Canada and Tehran, TRA Acoustics is committed to supplying and maintaining high quality noise control products in various fields including: clinical, industrial, architectural, research and development, automotives, universities and colleges.

Our highly trained staff make up a knowledgeable and experienced sales and service team who are committed to communicating with our clients for a better understanding of their needs and requirements, enabling us to offer the best solution to their noise control technology concerns. Our service department ensures that our staff have the most current knowledge of the products by receiving the regular training sessions from our suppliers. TRA acoustics is committed to offering you the very best service, before, during and after sales, making our company your number one choice in noise control technology.

Our team of experienced installers have provided high-performance acoustics product installation and related services in the U.S., Canada and overseas. Our business philosophy emphasizes quality, integrity, competitive pricing and great customer service. Our mission is to provide high quality products to our customers for an affordable price.

With twenty-three years experience, TRA Acoustics knows how various components work together to provide first-class acoustics performance. We economically assemble and build the high quality sound enclosures of various models and sizes from clinical to industrial systems, meeting applicable acoustic specifications throughout Canada, US and the Middle Eastern region.

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North America

Please contact us directly or email us for further details on our services and options available for an effective solution to your acoustical problems.

Address: Cornwall, Ontario. Canada
Telephone: 613 935-5819
E-mail: info@traacoustics.com

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Middle East

For the Middle East, please contact us directly or email us.

Address: Tehran, Iran
Telephone: +982188681011
Fax: +92188680058
E-mail: Info.iran@traacoustics.com