Mini Booths

Unitized all welded construction research booth ensure reliable acoustic performance with dependable noise reduction, The Mini booth has been specially engineered with features that maximize the performance for Animal research Screening. The Mini Booth is delivered fully assembled, ready to use, Booth are designed that could be stand alone or stack multi units for space saving of existing Laboratory area.

  • 2" or 4" exclusive Eckel wall construction system
  • Wall Silenced ventilation
  • Available in Standard & Non-Standard Model
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Effective for Laboratory Test data on Small animals such as (Mice, Birds)
  • Long Term Acoustic integrity
  • Patch Panels such as USB, CAT5, BNC and N-Type)
  • Stainless Steel Internal floor cover for easy cleaning
  • Continues Magnetic door Seal
  • Choice of Vibration isolator or Casters
  • Continues Magnetic door Seal
  • Incandescent or Fluorescent lighting with switch
  • Plug and Play CSA Electrical wiring
  • Standard Color, Beige or White
  • Non-Standard color available
  • New Products

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