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Arctic Cat Hemi-Anechoic Chamber

The hemi anechoic sound chamber is designed, engineered and installed by Eckel Industries, Inc. The Arctic Cat NVH Facility utilizes the EMW (Eckel Metallic Wedge) design for the Chamber's acoustical treatment or lining. The EMW wedge for the chamber has an overall depth of 27.25 in. with a designed low frequency cut off 120 Hz. The two-peak arrangement on a 2 ft x 2 ft base is constructed of perforated metal with 52% open area. The wedge units are factory finished in white enamel and were mounted to the walls of the chamber using Eckelís track mounting system.

A double-walled attenuating structure is designed to house the chamber. The outer walled structure is 12 in. thick with staggered studs and two layers of sheet rock on each face. The walls of the two rooms are separated with a 32 in. air space lined with sound absorbing panels. The inner chamber walls are constructed of a 12 in. thick concrete block, with all blocks completely filled with mortar or grout for maximum noise reduction and to achieve the specified NC 15 interior ambient noise level.

The pit to house the dynamometer is lined with acoustical panels, so as not to become a resonant cavity once the dynamometer is installed. The entire chamber is constructed on a vibration isolated floor system. A 5000 CFM silenced ventilation system provides the room with ample airflow through roof-mounted silencers, vertical corner inlets and exhausted passages, incorporating perforated acoustical treatment.

Two in-swinging wedge cage doors with radius wedges and two out-swinging STC 52 sound doors provide access to the chamber's interior working area. Interior dimensions of the chamber are 27 ft 4 in x 31 ft 4 in x 15 ft wedge tip to wedge tip. Exterior dimensions are 32 ft x 38 ft x 18 ft high .

Bosch Article


We have just completed construction of a hemi-anechoic chamber, which will be used for testing our new VPV Whisper Pumps, as well as small power units and other BOSCH products. The sound chamber wil allow us to measure and improve the noisy characteristics of our products, not only for sound levels, but also for sound quality, by incorporating design modifications before the final product is released. In addition we can accurately compare our products against our competitors in a controlled environment with very low ambient noise.

The inside dimensions of the chamber are 14' W x 13'L x 11.5' H (wedge tip to wedge tip), and although it was designed with a 100Hz cut-off frequency, a qualification test by ECKEL Industries indicated that the chamber has 63Hz cut-off frequency. The chamber is constructed with metal perforated wedges filled with fiberous material for better performance. The chamber is built on an isolated concrete slab, in order to isolate any vibrations transmitted from the surroundings. A cliate control unit provides a controlled interior room environment with a constant temperature and relative humidity level. An observation system with a color monitor and a two way intercom system provides a remote communication between the operator inside the room and the person acquiring the data outside. In addition the observation/intercom system provides remote monitoring during the test. Provisions were made for easy removal of the pump test bed and support, in order to accommodate even the large power units.

A multi channel data aquisition FFT analyzer (ZONIC PC7000) is used for performing noise and vibration measurements and analysis.

The chamber was built by ECKEL Industries, a company which specializes in building anechoic chambers. The chamber utilizes the latest tecnology in anechoic chamber construction and provides the a state of the art facility for noise and vibration testing and evaluation. The development of this chamber illustrates our desire to provide our customers with only the highest quality products. For more information about our new wisper pump product line, you may refer to our vain pump catalog number 9 535 233 724.

BMW Acoustic Testing Facility Raises Plant Capability

In April, 1999, BMW Manufacturing Company in Greer, SC, officially opened its Engineering Analysis Center. Plant 10.1(as its refered to at BMW) is currently building the Z3 Roadster, the Z3 Coupe, the M Roadster, the M Coupe, and at the end of this year Plant 10 will launch the new X5 Sport Activity Vehicle.

The analysis center supports new product integration within out manufacturing processes and confirms, through testing and problem analysis, that the vehicle adheres to the design requirements. The crown jewel of the analysis center and the structural dynamics and acoustics group is the state of the art AWD (all wheel drive) chassis roll dynamometer used for total vehicle noise and vibration testing. The dyno is housed in an "over achieving" hemi-anechoic environment.

Hemi-Anechoic Chamber utilizes Eckel Industries EMW High Transparancy, perforated metallic anechoic wedge lining. The chambers performance exceeded the design criteria low frequency cut-off of 100 Hz by a signifigant margin. This allows test engineers to make precision measurements to below 63 Hz at the low end of the spectrum and 10,000 Hz at the high end. Qualification of the chamber was done in accordance with ISO 3745. The "inverse square law" performance of the chamber (variance from 6 dB per doubling of distance) for frequencies from 50 to 10,000 Hz are shown in the accompanying graph below.

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